Formula X Waterless Wash is the new generation of waterless wash systems.

Waterless Wash as the name suggests requires none of the conventional materials required to wash a vehicle such as water, hoses, shampoo, buckets, brushes, sponges and so on. No need for a chamois or polish.

Waterless Wash is an eco-friendly product that uses no water. No chemicals are washed down the storm drains and into the rivers system as with conventional washing. No mess whereever you decide to use it. And remember you are saving money on your water bill because you are using No Water.

The product will not scratch!

Designed for modern day life style. You are able to use Waterless Wash to Wash, Polish and Protect your car anywhere, e.g. on your drive, on the street, in the middle of a field or on top of a mountain. Carry it in your vehicle and use it when required.

Proudly developed and manufactured in the UK.

If you live in an apartment in the middle of a city with no access to water, this product is ideal for you.

If you own a caravan or motorhome this is for you. No restrictions on its use on caravan sites.

The product is designed to be used on all external surfaces of the vehicle. Use it on the paint work, on the black plastic, chrome, alloy wheels and on the glass or acrylic windows.

Designed for use on:

  • Cars
  • Motorbikes
  • Caravan and motorhomes
  • Light Aircraft
  • On glass and mirror in the house
  • Any painted surface
  • GRP surfaces
  • Acrylic windows on Caravans and motorhomes

It is so easy to use, just 5 simple steps. Clean one panel at a time.

  1. Open the screw tight trigger and adjust to a fan shape spray.
  2. Spray area requiring cleaning. It is not necessary to spray every inch of the panel.
  3. Gently wipe off the dirt with Blue cloth.
  4. Gently buff with the Yellow cloth.
  5. To finish close the trigger and store.

Now the vehicle is washed, polished and protected.

Formula X Waterless Wash is the new generation of waterless wash systems.

Other benefits are:

  • A showroom finish every time.
  • Rain water will bead and run off.
  • The repellent in our product stops light dirt settling onto the surface of your vehicle.
  • If you have paint protection on your car, it will enhance the paint protection.
  • Saving you money and more importantly time.
  • It is easy to use, leaving no white residue.

The starter pack contains:

  • 1 x 750ml Bottle Containing Formula X
  • Trigger For Bottle Allowing Easy Application Of Formula X
  • 2 x Microfibre Cloths (Blue To Wash, Yellow To Buff)

Each 750ml bottle will give you approximately 5 to 7 washes including a polish with protection each time. The cloths are reusable. Simply wash them at 40 degrees and reuse. (Please do not wash with your whites)

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Tip: Keep the 750ml bottle and trigger & simply refill it from our amazingly priced 3.25L bottle at £29.95.

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Try our free offer of a 30ml sample bottle of Formula X waterless wash.
There is enough in this bottle to wash, polish and protect a good part of an average size car.
There is a small charge for postage and handling.
Please note that cloths are not included.

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