Formula X 3.25L Refill Pack

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Use our 3.25L refill pack to top up your starter pack bottle at a fraction of the price by buying in bulk!


Formula X is the new generation of waterless cleaning products suitable for vehicles and many other surfaces.


The latest waterless technology:
– No white residue – no clay – can be used on black plastics.
– User friendly, ergonomic bottles.
– Triggers that do not block.
– Quick and easy to use.
– Wash, Polish, Protect.
– Great results.

Designed to be used on:
– Cars.
– Caravans.
– Motorhomes.
– Motorbikes.
– Light aircraft.
– GRP products – horse boxes.
– All painted surfaces.

Suitable for many surfaces:
– Acrylic on caravans and head lights on cars.
– Glass.
– Chrome.
– Stainless steel.
– Wall tiles.
– Treated Wood (not recommended for wood floors).
– Alloy Wheels.
– Many others (not recommended for food preparation surfaces).

Environmentally Friendly:
– Manufactured from none harsh chemicals.